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To Do List When Being Scammed


  •   Contact Credit Card Issuer

    If you use credit cards to make online purchases or to load an online pay system, contact the credit card issuer (see the phone number on the back of each card) and ask for new numbers.  You should do this regularly anyway.
  •   Monitor Your Account Once A Week

    If you do online banking, monitor your account once a week at the very least and immediately report any unauthorized activity.  NOTE: Be sure to view each transaction you consider to be unauthorized against any recent purchases that may be appearing on your statement under a different name.  For example, you purchased a monthly service named XYZ News Service which is being billed to you by something called InfoUnlimited.

    If your bank account is used by scammers for illicit purposes, such as depositing money in your account without your permission, or transferring funds from your account without your permission, contact your bank IMMEDIATELY.  If your personal funds are transferred out of your account without your knowledge or permission, those funds will be returned to your account.  You will not lose the money.  If funds are transferred into your account without your knowledge or permission, contact your bankIMMEDIATELY.  Your account is being used by scammers for money laundering and you could be held liable.

  •  Create New Personal Documents

    If you sent a copy of any of the following to the scammers, contact the issuing agency and ask for a new document if possible.  If you cannot obtain a new identity document, ask that the one you have been assigned be Fraud-flagged.  NOTE: This means that should you be stopped and asked to produce your current identity document, you will need to produce additional forms of identification to prove that you are the authorized carrier.

    Driver’s License/Permit

    National Identity Card


    Social Security Card (fraud-flag)

    Any other form of identification issued by a government agency

    Student ID

    Employer ID

  •   Birth Certificate
     If you sent a copy of your Birth Certificate to the scammers, you must inform local law enforcement immediately and get it on record that you filed a report.  This won’t be easy without actual evidence of stolen identity activity, in other words, that a crime has been committed.  Your Birth Certificate may never be used, but don’t count on it.
  •   Credit Report
    Go to* and get a copy of each of your credit reports.  Monitor them on a regular basis.  NOTE: You do not need to monitor your credit reports monthly unless you really want to.  Consider your needs before signing up for monthly service.
    Should you discover unauthorized activity on one of your reports, please keep in mind that you must contact all 3 agencies individually with the information.  The credit reporting agencies to not communicate and compare credit reports.
  •   Do Not Cash The Checks
    If they send you any checks or money orders, DO NOT CASH THEM, DO NOT DEPOSIT THEM.  They will be stolen, forged, or counterfeit and you could go to jail for taking them to the bank or a check cashing facility.  Write VOID in your language of residence across the front and take them and the envelope to the police.  Read this: How to Really Verify a Check or Money Order.

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